Recent Articles

Virtual Memory Management

This document discusses about virtual memory concepts and how linux virtual memory works.

Network Packet Processing in linux

Part 1

This document delves into some details on the packet flow from a network interface card, up the TCP/IP stack within the linux kernel. This also discusses details on the modular architecture of linux which allows pluggable modules to register to the stack.

Linux Scheduler

This writeup gives a brief introduction and comparisons between the linux 2.4 and 2.6 scheduler. Readers are encouraged to read other documents for in depth details.

Cloud Computing

An introduction

This article introduces readers to the idea of “Cloud Computing” and showcases its advantages and disadvantages.

Process Management

General concepts and some insight into linux

This topic introduces readers to the concepts of process, threads and lightweight processes. Threads are typically used for achieving better performance by parallelizing activities. We also discuss the problems that multi-threading and multi-tasking operating systems can face and how they can be addressed. Also, readers get some insight into the linux kernel syncronization techniques.